sack the rook for absolutely no reason

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  1. As a man says. When you have mate in one look for better

  2. Noob play you always take the queen over mate when youre bming

  3. Sack the rook for absolutely no reason. LOL!!!

  4. If he moved the king on g8 the you should sacarfic the rook on g6 because black is forced to take with bishop and after take then you can go queen g7 checkmate.

  5. He only wanted to sacrifice THE ROOOOOCK!!!

  6. As i used to say, if i lose, i lose with grace (i dont likr to surrender/resign)

  7. And ge sacrificed the checkmate!!!!!!

  8. When you find checkmate look for something better

  9. Bro probably has 20 missed wins just for the bms

  10. "Sack the rook for absolutely no reason"-Levy

  11. Imagine finding an amazingly disrespectful mate in 5 and the 50 move rule triggers on move four

  12. Me at tournament when I have M1 I found M3 😂

  13. Dragging out a mate is a total douche move.

  14. I’m like 600 elo so I can’t risk it

  15. When you have mate in one but you have to get the cool mate

  16. That's the chess equivalent to use a magnifying glass to burn ants.

  17. To be honest when you have mate in one you look for draw

  18. Bro game him hope and took it away Instantly 😂

  19. Guy : oh this is checkmate
    Also guy : umm… No isnt cool af.

  20. May I ask why he didn't go queen g7 in the beginning? Did I miss something?

  21. Me overthinking it if you have checkmate in one and you should always find checkmate in five then, when you get to the final move that checkmates in five then you have to repeat the process all over again, making it physically impossible for person to lose against you if you do it like that

  22. once at the local chess club i was playing a patzer in the tournament and he blundered a piece in the first 5 moves.
    and refused to resign.
    i put 4 queens on the board.

  23. Why is it considered bad manners to not resign?

  24. instructions not understood, i had mate in one but couldnt find mate in 5 so i resigned the game

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