Stalemate🤯 #shorts #2023 #chess #stalemate #allyouneedtoknow #viral


  1. I'm not only gonna need Holy water and therapy but also about approximately 100 restraing orders

  2. there was checkmate in 2 moves (3 moves actually)

  3. How to draw a winning position?
    edit: alot of people in the comment section think there was mate in 3 for white but c8 square was covered by black queen so white has nothing

  4. You can win on this game 😂😂😂😂

  5. My guy was like:
    Checkmate: Nah nah nah
    Stalemate: hell yeah

  6. White was completely losing the black queen covers the back file

  7. he couldnt checkmate him cuz its whites turn and white cant go anywhere dont yall see

  8. This coment section is full of 100 elo players lol

  9. Instead of queen c2 play queen c3 then whatever he plays push the pawn for checkmate cus knight is pinned

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