Stop Being Greedy In Chess Endgames!

Stop Being Greedy In Chess Endgames!

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  2. Why don’t sacrifice the rook in the position

  3. The queen is blocking you from going to C2 and drawing so you take it with the rook then play C2 and even if he does not, they still have to draw.

  4. Take the queen with rook check then king takes rook then move to c2 he promotes and u take making it a draw

  5. .

    Why always the black😂😂😂😂

  6. But rook could take the pawn and no piece from the white’s side would have been eaten

  7. Take the queen check than king take rook than king c2 and stopping promotion

  8. Instead of Kd1 we can also take the queen and when Blach Captures we can go after the pawn

  9. The most relatable position I have ever seen😂, how its still white move when the black queen is hanging? Did black sacrificed the queen?

  10. Answer : you take the queen, he takes your tower and king c2

  11. First take queen give him check so he I force to take than take the pawn

  12. You don't need to do that. Just take the queen and kind is checked so has to retake, then you're able to take the pawn with king as he promotes.

  13. After b4 why not use the rook to capture the queen?

  14. This guy just wasted his time to waste everyone's time

  15. Move the king to B2 and when the blacl played his or her turn move the rook to B3

  16. 2 remaining moves: rook kills queen then black king has to take or the rook will stop the pawn,then king c2 stopping the pawn from queening

  17. rook takes queen and king have time to grab the paaaawwwwwnnnnnnn!!!!!!!

  18. Take the queen by the rook and the king will capture it then move the king to c2 and then he pushes the pawn to be a queen, and the king will capture it. Congratulations it's a draw.

  19. 1. White Kf2-e2
    2. Black Ke5-f5
    White loose in 100%

  20. First rook toe4btaking queen rhen if king takes rook then you put your king c2 if he promote into queen you simpily take that and draw and if he dont take and move away I know thats not going to happen but if he does that yoy will samely put your king to c2 and you are wiinning I hope that help

  21. Take the queen and check and when king takes the rook go closer to pawn and take it

  22. Rook takes queen then king to c2 and the whatever black does take the pawn and it’s a stalemate

  23. Insted of doing stalemate trap u could just take the queen with check

  24. Solution: so actually it's a draw in 3 moves. Lemme explain how:
    Rxe4+ Kxe4 (otherwise you win)
    Kc2 (any move)
    Kxb2 draw.

  25. I will exchange da RuuuukkH with queen and i will capture the pawn with king
    And like this i will draw the game

  26. Instead of king to e2 i will take the pawn by my rook

  27. but is black sold himself since he can go king and trade queen

  28. Also another way to draw is when white king is on e2, we take the queen and the only way to continue is to take the rook for the black ones, so we do king d1, they do pawn b2 and finally we do king c2 if they crown, we take the queen, and if not, we take the pawn and is stealemate

  29. Re4, then they play Ke4, then you play Kc2. Their pawn is lost no matter what.

  30. For all of the people saying you can just trade the rook for the queen when the king is on e2 – no you can't.

    When white plays kd2, black will just follow him with kd4. Since c2 is controlled by the pawn, you have to go to c1 and black can then play kc3. White is completely lost in that scenario.

  31. I thought it was
    White Rook Takes Black Queen
    Black Queen Takes White Rook
    White King To 2d
    Black Pawn To 2b
    White King To 2c
    Black Pawn Queens
    White King Takes Black Queen

  32. King f2, b4, king e3, b3, take queen, black king takes rook and go to pawn

  33. but if you take the queen you could've held opposition

  34. Instead d1 you can eat queen and its still win bec king must move than you can chase pawn

  35. Take the queen. When the king takes your rook, go to the pawn with Kc2. No matter what black does, it's insufficient material and is a draw.

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