Stuck at Chess? How to Progress? | 3 Steps to 2000 ELO Rating

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This is the first introductory lesson “How Do You Progress in Chess?” from the chess course “3 Steps to 2000 ELO”. In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov addresses why most chess players are stuck and do not progress further, no matter how much they train.

After learning the chess fundamentals, basic openings, middlegame strategies and tactical motifs, and a few basic endgame positons, most chess players often start to be stuck and they’re unsure of how to progress further despite of the efforts they’re putting to it. Why is that so? And most importantly, how to progress in chess?

β–Ί Chapters

00:00 3 steps to reach 2000 ELO Rating
01:17 Can you reach 2000 ELO rating?
04:36 Newbie: Learning chess rules
05:34 Beginner: Learning basic chess openings
07:14 Middlegame: Strategy & Tactics
09:39 Intermediate: Learning basic endgames
10:43 Why most players are stuck at 1200-1600 ELO?
11:47 Problem-1: Don’t know how to progress further
14:09 Problem-2: Too many rules, lack of clarity
15:03 Problem-3: How to beat stronger/equal opponents?
15:40 Summary: Answer to your questionΒ 

πŸ€” About the course “3 Steps to 2000 ELO” πŸ‘‡

In the past months, we have been working very hard on a comprehensive course that will set you apart from most chess players. We took it so seriously that we even decided to set the goal for you 😊.

The course will help you become a 1st category player and will allow you to reach an ELO rating of 2000 points, or the strength of a player of that caliber.

πŸ‘‡ What will you learn from the course? πŸ‘‡

a) What are the main things that helped the course’s authors progress up to the 1st category (2000 ELO).
b) What are the most common mistakes of 1200-1500 level players and how to overcome them.
c) Why do lots of players stuck at a certain level, for example, 1500, and never improve after that.

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  1. I would LOVE to be stuck at 1600 lol. Currently a solid 1100.

  2. Im at 1700 n i have been learning chess for 2months now i still cant beat a 2000player or bot im still lacking alot in tactics, can you make a video with how to improve in tactics please thank you

  3. Me only 1550: Ah i see, i will pretend to be already 1600

  4. I would love to join ur course man but its too expensive for me and if i join and my wife finds out first she will kill me and then she will come for u.🀣🀣

  5. I'm literally watching this just to gas myself up already being 2000 in lichess which is around 1800 in FIDE.

  6. I watched your master class at least 6 times Igor and as much as i love playing I'm afraid at my age(64) that I'll never get over my 600 something rapid and 500 blitz rating.
    All I do is play chess and I was almost 1000 rated rapid but my wifi was so terrible I kept losing because of abandonment so I stopped playing for a long time and when I started playing again I lost most of my rating.
    My budget does not allow me to buy any courses .
    I just want to tell you how much I appreciate all your free videos you have made public to everyone.
    Best regards.
    Pamela Huett.

  7. Im so stuck myself, I'm at 962. πŸ™ and I used to be at 1089

  8. I am class A I need about 200 more steps

  9. I got to 1300, but now my rating has crushed to the bottom after the last tournament. I had lost every game but one which I drew through perpetual check. Now I'm trying to figure out what might have gone wrong.

  10. When are you stuck at a certain rating? How long does it take?

    Being between 1700-1800 for 3 months now of my 15 months of playing the game, but now is the first time i'm actually finding it hard to know where I need to improve at in my game.

  11. What time of games are we talking for these rankings ?

  12. I'm not stuck at a rating. Just unsure how much time I want to spend to get better.

  13. the reason ur stuck at an mmr is cuz the number mmr is not just how good u are its also at what pace u need to learn in orders to stay at that mmr so if ur stuck at the same mmr for 20 years u will be a much better player cuz the competition evolves

  14. Disagree 100%. Maybe 1400..and that might be stretching it

  15. Hello mr igor.. my name is moeti godfrey maine from a village called dryharts,i jst wanna give thanks to you sir ur lessons made a strong player i really love the way u teach chess..i have a lot of ur videos and ur strategies really work so effective..ur a brilliant chess teacher ..

  16. My blitz rating on lichess is ~2100 and sometimes I make almost 10 blunders in one game.

  17. I was a 3200 player and now I’m a 1800 player. How do I get back to 3200 again?

  18. I'm not gonna divorce my wife or husband but I will put a couple of hours a day into study, then my wife and husband will get a couple hours to themselves

  19. Like about 3 months ago I was 500, and then like 1 week later I am 800. Then I stopped playing because exams. 1 month later I started playing again, and climbed from 800 to about 1200 in like 3 weeks. and then stuck on 1200. if I don't lose today, I will have 60% chance of going back down to 1100 tomorrow. I think this will help me go higher than 1200 since I now know what to improve. If I go against 1400, I have 50% chance of winning. If I go against 1600, I have 45% of winning. If I go against 1800, I have 40% chance of winning. I know that because I almost always get a almost unstoppable attack and them barely able to survive my attack by just one move away. I am like 8/10 on the opening, 9/10 on attack, 3/10 on defense, 6/10 on endgame and mostly use less than 10 second on every move while actually making good move.

  20. Thank you for the information. a faster pace would have been even better!

  21. Thank you! I feel like most people seem to plateau at this stage, plenty of guys in my state are in the 1400-1500 range and have been for years.

  22. I've just arrived at 1500 today, I'm fairly happy at this achievement but still strive for more.

  23. The niemann method raised my chess rating 1000 points in one day.

  24. don't waste your time at this video it's an ad

  25. Listening to Igor pronounce the word β€œpawn” is better than listening to Benedict Cumberbatch say β€œpenguins”

  26. what a waste of time, not one piece of useful information

  27. I practice hrs a day or play rapid games I had a knack for chess when I was a kid …stopped for a bit and progressing into the 1500s… will get there u put in time* and study not just games and them tactics you'd be surprised

  28. I'm barely beating 800s
    Getting my ass handed daily

  29. I've beaten 1800 bot now I need to reach higher

  30. I destroy real people but I want to beat bots question master

  31. After watching this video can you name the three steps to 2000 ELO rating? I can't.

  32. i must say that i don't like the course so far. A lot of well known tips and a lot of badly spoken english. I'm getting so tired of perez Saying:" in general". I''d be shocked if i would reach above 1500 thanks to this course but i have yet to finish it entirely so i hope to be surprised by the end

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