Take the Red Pill or take the Blue Pill! An amazing Chess Endgame Pattern #shorts

Tricky endgame!

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  1. First time i see someone with a narrator voice teaching chess endgames(not an insult,i think it is cool)

  2. Amazing! I missed the Rg7+ with stalemate. Amazing move, I was sure I would mate with Rd8+ and pawn f7+ (after black Rook defends on f8.Wow. This one was very nice too, Joza! I love it.

  3. These type of videos are really important. Especially for endgames. We need more of these!!! Thanks for the video. Chess is the best!

  4. Did anyone tell you you look like Tony Soprano 😅

  5. That wasn't gameover for black at the end. That was stalemate wasn't it?

  6. Broh that rook was hidden behind my dislike button wat dafuq

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