The Best Chess Players Over Time (Estimated By Accuracy)

Take a journey through the history of chess and see the best chess players over time. The X-axis represents the year and Y-axis represents Elo estimated by accuracy as calculated by

This visual representation allows you to see when players like Bobby Fisher, Garry Kasparov, Magnus Carlsen, and Jose Capablanca performed across history.

Data and Methodology:

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  1. Top 4 from that list with today's knowledge, who wins?

  2. Bobby Fischer stated that chess engines ruined the game and made it so whoever had the better memory would win, not the better player. Maybe if he was a millennial he’d have a different viewpoint, but my gut tells me if he grew up with technology and chess engines he’d have been rated closer to 4000…same with Morphy.

  3. Lasker was world champion for almost 30 years. Amazing.

  4. Carlsen isn't nearly as dominant as Fischer or Kasparov

  5. Bobby was still the best in the world after 1972.. IDGAF who they are..

  6. Respect to Fischer. Dude literally got too good at chess. RIP Bobby

  7. Interessante que embora seja um esporte da mente, só a Judite Polgar de mulher em mais de um século, da pra ver como xadrez profissional foi um universo muito restrito para elas no passado.

  8. I don’t know a lot about chess but I was waiting for a woman to appear in the graph and was very much cheering for her line. Also I’ll go read up on her wikipedia now 😊

  9. 2988 was the highest ELO on this listing achieved by Magnus Carlson in late 2015

  10. it is pathetic how the commenters here try to undermine magnus!

  11. Fischer is the best on his time because his competitors are not trained by engines.

    Carlsen is on another level because all his competitors are trained with engines and still he reached 2900 Elo.

  12. fischer is genius become crazy, the best ever

  13. I find it very hard to believe morphy was 2500 in 1850

  14. Only way to gage how a player back then would perform today would be to look at their IQ vs the IQ of those playing today.
    Just because they would have access doesn't mean they'd be better, it just means they'd get good faster.

  15. Alpha Zero be like – Keep talking kids 💪

  16. People here undermining the achievement of Magnus as if he's the only GM who has the aid of past knowledge and engine assistance. If Magnus was born in the time of Fischer, he'd still be a great player and if Fischer was born in the time of Magnus, he'd still be Fischer. People forget that Magnus is a living genius, maybe because he's still so young. He's so ahead of other players in todays era even after everyone having engine assistance.

  17. Me at some points while watching this video “aww man he’s hardstuck”

    Joke btw, I’m ass at chess

  18. Just looking at dominance, Fischer is the goat in my opinion

  19. The amazing thing about Fischer, Capablanca and Kasparov was that they came up before the internet and engines were really available.

    They had to literally just read old chess books and play others to figure it out. It was sort of the Wild West and there was no objectively “correct” move.

    In my mind that puts them leagues above top players today who possess high tech training aids.

  20. There is like…one female in this interesting video, not dpprotesting any stupid shit but I really want to know the reason why

  21. I didn't see many women in this chart. Where are the feminists to comment on that? Why are women not equally represented here? Is this another patriarchal tyrannical conspiracy? Very mysterious, don't you think?

  22. Morphy, Capablanca, Fischer and Kasparov; they were way ahead of their time and their rivals. The highlights of the story!

  23. shoutout to Emanuel Lasker for being world champion for 27 years

  24. my goat is Lasker he was chess champion almost 3 decades

  25. This shows absolute dominance of legendary players of the past. Wow!

  26. it's kinda depressing watching the champions get overtaken before they die and never taking the lead back

  27. Vishy Anand is like top 5 in terms of accuracy for 3 decades! Incredible longetivity

  28. At 3:33 Bobby Fischer has rating 2900+ but i guess not played reached 2900+ . Am I right?

  29. When I saw Bobby appear at the bottom I was prepared.

  30. where is Henrique Meking ? number 3° in world

  31. Great vid mate.

    Regards, Jas.



    Rocky Qld

  32. EXCUSE ME? Why am I NOT at the top of that list. Someone please explain this to me.

  33. I didn't realise Vasily Smyslov was actually second to Fischer for most of the late 20th century.

  34. This visualization is designed to conceal Anatoly Karpov, who won 160 international tournaments . He was so strong that Fisher attempted to play with advantage to avoid fighting him, he rejected three times to play a match with Karpov, and , when he returned, he prefered the old Spassky. Besides Karpov won three times to the disident Korchnoi. In 1984 match against Kasparov, two points were stolen to Karpov in a infamous political decision. He was close to Kasparov during 10 years more, very higher that the other players, and, finally, Kasparov splitted Chess asociation to prevente him to getting stressed in a new match against him. I think you have made an ass of yourself.

  35. Historic Playing Peaks:
    1. Paul Morphy: 2563 (1855)
    2. Harry Pillsbury: 2596 (1900)
    3. José Raul Capablanca: 2786 (1918)
    4. Bobby Fischer: 2916 (1969)
    5. Vladimir Kramnik: 2931 (1999)
    6. Garry Kasparov: 2973 (2003)
    7. Vladimir Kramnik: 2982 (2009)
    8. Magnus Carlsen: 2988 (2015)

  36. But none of them can beat the magician Mikhail tal 😁😏

  37. Any chance of seeing the dataset used to make this graph? This is really cool IMO. Great way to show the relative dominance of certain players and (IMO) reflects how far ahead of their time certain players like Morphy, Capablanca, and Fischer were (not to mention Pilsbury!)

  38. I took almost 50 years for someone to match Morphys accuracy + openings were a lot better devolopt at the time were someone else got over 2500

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