The Endgame With David Pakman – A Beginner’s Chess Lesson for a Pogchamp

Hikaru gives Pogchamp 2 Player David Pakman a beginner chess lesson

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  1. I'm disappointed… Hikaru's a liberal.

  2. Chess has always been political, i don't understand why people now avoid so much being political. Like.. avoiding that is itself being political..

  3. I took a shot everytime Hikaru said opposition, now I'm in the hospital

  4. How to get free premium easily?

  5. Pakman has the chance to play the 90s version of chessmaster with voice coaching, decides against it and gets a grandmaster to help him instead

  6. I would love to see Hikaru teach Ben Shapiro to play chess lmao

  7. Sug suang, hahaha the way he pronounced zugzwang, made me not even realise what he meant. I thaught it's some kind of asian therm instead of a german one 😂

  8. 1:20:57 I think anyone who genuinely takes offence because someone else hasn't heard of them needs some ego deflation…

  9. Hikaru, you should still play with Destiny.

  10. The crossovers with political commentators is fine, but if we could just not actually bring the politics portion into chess that would be excellent. Chess is one of the few breaks in this world that I get from politics since everything has become so damn political these days.

  11. I learned Queen/King vs King by 420

    420 means 4*2 equals 0 chance for the king

    If you put the opponent king into a 4*2 box and come in from the smaller side ("smoke it"), the king can't get into stalemate and you win definitely

  12. I never heard of this guy before this. So the fact he doesn't know the others doesn't surprise me.

  13. Honestly you arent explaining this as good as some other chess player
    I guess its too basic for super gm

  14. Bigger names in PogChamps than what I thought. But who's teaching Carson?

  15. "Push the pawn exactly when the king is in front of it and black's next move doesn't give him vertical opposition." Is this maybe the best way to remember?

  16. Was really waiting for some end game lessons by Levy but this works !! Thanks Hikaru for sharing with us.

  17. You really need to do collabs with pokemon players

  18. I unsubbed because over your last few videos it's become clear to me that you attempt to avoid political conversation while making cheap jabs so you can avoid substantial conversation. Also, your reaction videos are vapid and I would implore you to watch Idubbbz' content cop on Jinx to see a fairly well put together argument on why your reactions are vapid, meaningless, and exploitative. This isn't coming from a conservative from anyone that will try to write off my criticisms, I'm just speaking as a human that your conduct in the political sphere kinda put me off.

  19. Idk why people think pakman is smart, he has some of the most retarded political takes I’ve ever heard, completely cringe and bluepilled.

  20. I love Hikaru, but dear God, hearing him butcher the pronunciation of "zugzwang" repeatedly hurt my soul.

  21. Being 1650 and learning this stuff only now from this video.. little bit late

  22. you just gonna go and pick the clip of carson crying for the trailer lmao

  23. The thumbnail emulating videos from David's channel is fucking perfect. lmao

  24. Lol at the king pawn instruction. David kept saying he got it like he was ready to move on and he didn't get shit.

  25. The term opposition confuses people. I just say "get in the kings face" instead and people seem to understand it much better when I do.

  26. This guy is so dumb this is pointless to try to teach him anything his like from planet of idiots can he just quit chess lmao

  27. Learning, learning, learning. Thank you, Hikaru Nakamura

  28. Can't stand this dude.. but he went up a point my book for being a chess player…that gives him one point…

  29. Great lesson, I often struggle with a pawn/King endgame. This simplifies it. Good stuff, man.

  30. "and now I would push the pawn…" 😀 Great stuff guys

  31. Excellent video. Thank you. David asks all the questions I would ask.

  32. Thank you for this amazing lessons on end games. 🔥👍

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