The Knight Endgame Trick Magnus Doesnt Know

The Knight Endgame Trick Magnus Doesnt Know


  1. So it will be a draw🤣 i believe in a mater of seconds before the realization but your not wrong🤣🤣.

  2. "can you bel…"

  3. It only worked because Kg2 was a blunder.

    It will still work cuz a lot of people will move Kg2. Even Magnus might do it since he never knew about the 4 squares.

    Well, now he knows.

  4. why would king not ho g2 when that wins the game??

  5. Thank goodness you moved to G2 instead of any others square that wouldn’t put you in check. This is abysmal and disappointing.

  6. White is the only side with pieces on this 2 square board. I find it easy to believe that they are winning.

  7. What kind of idiot takes TWO moves to get their king out of their pawns way.

  8. My question is how did Magnus not know this lol

  9. He knew it, he just never really thought about it, it just made sense to him

  10. I bet he thought there were 64, 4 makes no room for a knight

  11. What would happen if king goes to g1, instead of g2? Then knight couldn't gain tempo with check.

  12. Damn if I saw this morning instead of rn I would have drawn one of my games

  13. what if thye move the kign diagonal to the knight

  14. I always do this in chess
    Very fun and always the reason why I dont usually sacrifice my horses

  15. When the knight is on e3 the king needs to go to g1 not g3 and its not a draw

  16. ok now i just need to have a game with magnus with only knight and pawn left

  17. Can you believe that white is not losing? shows 2 out of 64 squares

  18. What if after first knight check King goes to g1?

  19. Do you know about the 4 squares?

    Me: 16

  20. I like all these little tricks that show you what to do with pawns or the rule of the square of this new one. An easy to learn forever helpful thing to learn.

  21. if I was playing I would blunder the knight 💀💀

  22. -Can you believe white is not loosing here?
    (shows 2 x 1 board with white king and white knight)
    Well yeah there is only 2 pieces on 2 x 1 board

  23. I highly doubt black wouldn't play Kg3 because that would instantly win.

  24. .. and then the king takes the knight and forces draw

  25. What if he player Kg3 then you dant have a check and after they puss the pawn your knight is to slow to stop the pawn

  26. bro we still get a draw even with that horse 💀

  27. Can you believe white is not losing
    Only shows 2 squares

  28. Why does this Magnus-clip look like a deepfake?

  29. This was only possible with blundering a tempo i dont belive in this if king would move anotherwhere.

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