The REAL Difference Between a Beginner And Expert In Chess

Welcome to a new series called What’s The Move! The idea is to have people from different ratings play the exact same position to see how the way they play differs depending on their rating.

Typically experts refer to people rated over 2000 bland in future episodes I will try to have higher rated people as the “expert”. Hope anyways you enjoy the video and find it useful 🙂

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0:00-0:52 Intro
0:52-1:19 The Position
1:19-8:55 800 Game
8:55-17:30 1300 Game
17:30-22:19 1900 Game

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  1. Hi @Anna. Would you be able to take this further by having 22-2400s play it out? Curious to see what the planning, execution differs from 2000 level

  2. Am I the only one that has literally no idea why she goes off on a laughing fit half the time?

  3. Most annoying voice in chess. Probably the primary reason why she's advancing her chess career. She just annoys the hell out of every opponent, makes them lose..

  4. Wish I could block your channel. You're like an 800 rated talker, also with an annoying voice.

  5. Why don't you wear an even smaller top so you'll get even more followers? It's not your skills, it's your Barbie looks. Sorry honey, truth.

  6. I learned to play chess when I was only 4 I wish there was a club around where I lived growing up or the chess app existed but I only got to play my dad when he wasn't to "tired" to play me

  7. I don't improve because, even though chess is great to play and awesome to see people playing it, it is boring as hell to study.

  8. Your way of laughing is just disgusting

  9. I hope you keep this up! Even as a 2000+ rated Lichess player, there's alot to learn here.

  10. In the final game, I got the feeling that White leaving the bishop hanging was intentional. I think they were trying to offer that bishop as bait to distract Black from the idea of doubling up the rooks on the h-file to threaten another mating attack.

    Given that there was an earlier move where taking the "hanging" bishop would have hung mate in 1, White was probably thinking, "yeah go ahead and take it while I set up this battery and mate you anyway."

    But then both sides had mixed accuracies with the pawn pushes in the f and g files. Black had the right idea of pushing a pawn to open space for the king, just pushing it forward too far. Meanwhile, White knew it was better to advance their g-pawn rather than trade as it would keep Black's king confined to the back rank.

  11. the difference is likened to two people trying to move quickly with 8 extra legs. One guy gets ready with his legs in tow to the starting line. The other guy just throws all his legs in the back of a pick-up truck and stomps on the gas as he drives off he's laughing at weird guy with his collage of 8 dancing legs connected to his pants belt, flopping and bopping about on string as he runs. When the guy finally reaches the guy in the truck at the end he said, " Wow you really got a leg up on me!" Other guy was like "Bud, I wasn't racing you we're just relocating our clothing store across the street!" hey what a great plot for a hose commercial! Got Leggs! damn bro. I need a hobby.

  12. shoot, i can tell you that, the real diff is experts are good and begs are not

  13. Anna you're great at chess, but if you continue to act this silly your personallity will not develop beyond a 1700. Unsubbed

  14. That’s how I feel as a hardstuck 600, but when I play on my accidental account I’m a hardstuck 1,000. I barely see the difference. (I have no openings for white..)

  15. I have no idea what those rating numbers are online.

  16. 800 game: some moments of chaos as they struggle to find moves without the queens on the board, but finally white comes up with the decisive idea, realizing that the true essence of being 700 rated is not to hang your queen, but more generally to give away your most valuable piece, and finds Rd8+

  17. 1:50 – She's laughing hysterically for 60 sec or so. I don't get . And it sounds super annoying. Is she reading comments or smth?

  18. Undisputed The Ophidian [TM] world champion says:

    what's up with that hysterical giggle?

  19. Great concept but stupid giggling. Maybe Hikaru can do this idea.

  20. me at 2000 watching realising i will not get my question aswered need 2200 explained please

  21. You seem a little down. You need to cheer up a bit. 🙂

  22. All I need to do to learn chess well is be able to read their minds about why they choose to make the move they did. So many people, for example, will show a famous game, and then interject "what I would have done", or "what he could have done.", and it is nothing but confusing. If you can show good games from top players, and describe what they are thinking as they play and do it pretty well, you will be the best chess instructor alive IMO. 🙂

  23. You seem like a charming and sharp gal, but you have a speech pattern that bugs me because my Father broke me of the habit 50 years ago when I was 8 years old, and I hear it a lot today. It is the last syllable of the sentence, being raised up about a half octave in pitch. If you ever saw the movie "American Pie", where the red hared gal says, "And one time, in band camp!", you will hear what I mean. My Dad simply asked me 50 years ago, "Are you asking me a question? You sound like you are asking me a question.", and I never sounded like that silly red hared gal again. But, I enjoy your channel. Thanks for reading. Doug in Michigan

  24. I like this idea a lot. We never normally see one game being played by different people, let alone different levels.

  25. This chess channel is going to do well, engaging content, and you start the video with an actual description of what it is about and the purpose instead of putting some clickbaity image on the video and it goes straight to the chessboard, you have my subscription!

  26. I never ask myself why other players are higher rated than I am. I already know the answer. I suck.

  27. One of the best videos I’ve seen for teaching/instructional purposes

  28. Love the concept Anna…you should think about doing more videos like this 👍

  29. Haven't played in competitions since I was 12 years old and I'm kinda disappointed by the 2k players. I hope that it's uncommon to make these kind of mistakes at that ranking. Especially since I know a couple of players around the 2k (a former teacher and someone I often encountered during competitions).

  30. I'm not a beginner. I'm just not very good. 😉

  31. I will say I never have seen anyone more attractive then her! Could say no to a drink if she asked.. 😆

  32. Le me watching this with a 280 rating 👁👄👁

  33. This is a fantastic concept, seeing how the different levels play. Would love to see more of this!

  34. Why black can’t try bishop h4 and king f8?

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  36. Hey Anna ! Could you please recommend us the best book for beginners? We dont understand defense, tactics, pawn finals, mate with two pieces, gaining "material", etc .. greetings from peru… sorrymy bad english…

  37. Love you anna but that laugh too much ha ha nice lady Thu

  38. I know one difference: the expert gets to start with white.

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