This Chess Endgame is WEIRD

This Chess Endgame is WEIRD


  1. after king F6 the black king can simply go C7

  2. question how do the pawns stack behind eachother

  3. After white moves king to e6 black should play king to c7 protecting de c pawns

  4. Meanwhile, the odds of 2 pawns being on the same file in a game are incredibly rare.

  5. After Kf5 why black king didn’t go to b4?

  6. come on stop trying so hard, I'd call this a draw straight ahead

  7. black king b4 === b3 ==== b4 after make queen black win the game

  8. Because the black King wouldn't take control of the open C7 square and just let the White King in?..

  9. Why can’t the black king just go back and forth on a5 and b6

  10. why would the black king retreat to A7? instead all he needs to do is advance to the C7 square and from there he can hold out the opposition

  11. Black is not loosing here it's actually a draw if the white play it right cause if the king move to f6 black Kc7 and it's impossible for white to win he can only make a draw.

  12. Me wondering why we don't just advance around the pawns or something

  13. So if I'm ever in this situation I just have to hope black does these exact movements?

  14. This is why double pawn is a bad pawn structure

  15. You know it's good when you don't understand it

  16. I wouldn't have guessed f5. My brain hurts 😫

  17. Black King should just go A5 and A6 so he can move to b6 anytime to not lose the opposition

  18. After f6, why doesn't the black king go to f7? (With the idea of looping around to gobble the white pawns from behind?)


  20. Why not white play D6, and then D7

    White D6, Black B6, White D7, Black B7, White D8, Black B6, White C8 and then same step with video

  21. why would black go KB7 instead of KC7 grabbing some space for perpetual

  22. Let me show you what doesn’t work. Immediately plays the move I would have

  23. I didnt understand how the black king couldn't move C7..

  24. In first place, why not to go king around C7 to not let white get in?

  25. Thank god I now know what to do if I end up with this board and also know what my opponent is thinking!

  26. the king can not move to d7 because of pawn it blocks it from moving there

  27. Can someone explain to me why the black king cant just take the white pawns?
    Im so confused

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  29. This is a draw , if you play for black you wont let the white's king come closer , for sure!

  30. ToxicVaccines ToxicFluoride HIV HOAX says:

    Black could easy draw or even win this game.

    For draw just move black king up an down the two squares b7 to b8.

    For a win, go around the outside and capture the white pawn in front of the two black pawns.

  31. Put it on the table, i will beat you as black

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