Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

Trick To Solve Chess Puzzles Faster

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  1. There’s no way I would see this in a real game but if playing towards a bot or online piece of cake (stress)

  2. The knight check was actually the first thing I saw but I missed the idea of rerouting the rock.

  3. Can’t white delay checkmate by 1 move by sacrificing the queen?

  4. Amazing video, it helps a lot!
    You should do these more often!

  5. White could see this and move bishop e2, then the next move play h5 blocking checkmate

  6. Its nice but for me it seams to be a forced rook and not a forced checkmate…

  7. i thought qxb6 and rook takes back queen would work but ig not

  8. Knight g3 is the solution!! I found it!! I am proud of myself!! ❤️❤️

  9. So maybe they take with queen so it’s not checkmate..:

  10. cap what if white plays qf2 in the second move. it won't be over in 3 moves

  11. The thing is the best moves for white is first to take the knight with the queen and just accept being a rook down or if he still takes with the pawn to sac the queen on f2 to move the queen out of the way of the 4th row to pull your rook down to block the rook on the h file while keeping it protected by a pawn. However it's still mate if queen just takes the bishop with check and then pulls the rook back up to a1

  12. So if queen takes knight then it's not checkmate in 3 moves is it?

  13. I wouldn’t have seen the knight I would have just taken the pawn with the queen and traded queens

  14. I would just push the pawn two times and move the knight

  15. Yeah absolutely a rook worth more than a king is what every chess shorts video is going to tell you now a days… Don't lose a rook, get checkmated

  16. Well, Qe2 or Qc1 can block the rook for a move but that's it. Can only be extended to 4 move mate.

  17. 1: Click “Draw”
    2: Click “Yes” to confirm that you want to draw with the opponent
    3: Opponent clicks “Yes” to draw the game

  18. Its not M3, Its M4 because if the opponent move his bishop he can stop te rook 1 move more 🤓

  19. Move queen to f, move peon so king can escape i think you are meh

  20. Why couldn't The Black Queen take the pawn on b6

  21. You can easily stop checkmate with moving rook instead of pawn.

  22. Wasn't this from the game with carlsen and rapport?

  23. Assuming that I did not see that, does black Qxb6, white Rxb6, and black Rxe1 win for Black?? or is it a draw? :0

    (Edit: ohhh, didn't see that white Rxa1 can happen, oops I need to learn more chess tactics <3)

  24. Its not a force mate after blacks Ra1 , white dont have to move pawn to b7 he have Rb4 protected by queen and if there is any Rh8 check Rook can block with Rh4

  25. chatgpt: bishop takes kight

  26. Wait so the best move would be to not take the knight at all?

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