Tricky Pawn Sacrifice You Must Know

Tricky Pawn Sacrifice You Must Know

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  1. I just looked apparently im not subscribed. But now im subscribed! thank you for being a good chess puzzle youtuber

  2. He should get an award for teaching us chess skilled.

  3. Before the sacrifice if you moved up the second pawn the king could still move so making a queen is possible and you would still have a second pawn

  4. Yah but when u push the first pawn make the white king move back to protect the other pawn so then black king has to take then u r up a pawn

  5. Bro I literally just saw your vid in ig and went to YouTube and saw it again what💀

  6. At the end of the video you can also pish the second pawn to give black check and when he moves you promote

  7. Ok, but can't you just try to get a better position with white before moving the pawns? (I'm speaking about the "white is winning only if black is to play"

  8. How stalemate after Kg7 lol black king can go D7 bro

  9. King g8,pawn g7, king h7,pawn g6 check, king h6,pawn g8 promotion, king h5, queen h8 check,king g5,pawn g8 promotion. And you just win in like few move with 2 queen.

    Change my mind

  10. Make 2 queens by pushing the other pawn…🤷🏻‍♂️

  11. In the last frame,that position isn't checkmate since the black king can just go down

  12. Can u tell how to checkmate with knight and bishop , 2 bishops and 2 knights?

  13. I dont play on a 4 by 8 board its not stale mate

  14. “Yes, I’m in trouble with black-“ 👨🏻‍🦳

  15. Why not pawn g7 check and you promote to queen + you have another pawn

  16. What about in the original position, white to play, why can’t the king go Ke6 and after Kg7 Kf5 and then after Kf8 and Kf6 it’s a win again?

  17. If white go first, can't you just sacrifice your first pawn and win with the second

  18. Sprry nut did not realize we were on the right side of the board

  19. Rule N. 1: If your pawns are doubled, play with the front pawn 💀

  20. Time to add advanced oppositiontomy collectionof chess techniques which I may or may not use

  21. I'm never gonna remember these rules

  22. There is also pawn move to give check insted of promoting to queen

  23. Nah bro i was gonna move my backracked pawn

  24. Cant the white king go backwards or do the triangle thing?

  25. couldnt we check the king with back pawn and then promote and we can get 2 queen

  26. Couldn't you check with the other pawn instead of sacrificing?

  27. Time to add advanced oppositiontomy collectionof chess techniques which I may or may not use

  28. These videos are really informative and helpful. Keep making shorts like these. These are wonderful

  29. With black H7 … you could play White king F7 then push the pawns and keep both of them lol

  30. Really funny how no one talks about how wrong this video is

  31. Its easy to win as white, just play Ke6, Kg7, Kf5 and now its easy to win

  32. maybe instead of after king to g8, king to f5 to sacrifice the pawn and get opposition and then win the game

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