Typical 300 Elo Chess Game

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Typical 300 elo chess, NOT baka mitai.

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  1. I feel like black believed that their pieces had plot armor. And somehow they did!

  2. Its so fun to play at low elo I love it but hate it at the same time

  3. Immortal queen. May as well be a new "Highlander" chess variant where you can't take the other queen.

  4. I had a game where he was terrible I took his queen with my pon I will be happy to send it to you

  5. Wow u lot are mocking it I’m just about 450😂😂

  6. This is just hilarious I love the delivery

  7. White probably got to the analysi screen and saw 14 missed wins

  8. 1:00 bro if you think 300 elo guys know about opening names you know nothin' 💀

  9. As a member of the 300 elo community, I would like to point out no chess player at this level would say: "I'm going to avoid the Vienna" because literally no one at this level knows more than 1 or 2 openings.

  10. Happy to announce that black is now 800 rating

  11. bro my 300 elo chess players literally somehow just punish me for playing chess and mate me they are like bots

  12. When I first started playing chess I just played on a table against family, never even knew there was a rating system

  13. I never laughed so much while watching something
    The comments made me laugh a lot too
    I'm actually exhausted now 😂

  14. I didn’t even know 300s know chess openings

  15. The Waffle House has found it’s new host

  16. I started 2 days ago with chess and im 3 elo, after the first 5 moves im braindesd ive seen videos on mid and earlygame but idk how to play midgame at all

  17. Wow. These 300 players are Opening better than 1200 GTE submissions.

  18. Seriously the opening was like I’m watching some gm play

  19. It's not a true typical 300 elo chess game unless it doesnt end in +12 material difference and a stalemate

  20. Gotta give it up to black. Not gonna lie.

  21. When I was a child I thought knight first openings were the most esoteric black magic cool openings that no one could counter. Man, good memories.

  22. You should start a LEL series (Low Elo Legends), just like T90 does it for Age of Empires 2. Commenting on what goes inside low-Elo people's processes of thought.

  23. Man at 300 nobody knows what a dutch defence or a vienna is. Bro they are just doing whatever at this point

  24. If your low level it's easy to go through openings based on opening principals but it's difficult after that , like flipping a coin. You win it lose , it's up to fate ,really.

  25. White's playing checkers while black's playing checkers

  26. I learned today that I am a retarded genius, an iq of 115 and a loss against Martin

  27. the beginning of this game is really normal lol

  28. I am 380ish and right when I'm about to get over 400 and stay there i get all messed up. And especially after I take my chessly lessons, it's like my being in a play and doing better when you don't rehearse. Lol (while sobbing into my chess board)

  29. These are 300's their moves look like a high rated played like better than me (me = 400) I just beat 1000 rated Sven I think his name was, the bot Sven, almost beaten Emir one day too. While some of your 700/800/500 rated players vids comes out they play bad than me. WHAT IS THIS?

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