Undercover Grandmaster Challenges a Chess Youtuber

I can’t believe I kept under-guessing his ELO lmao…

This game was played in Singapore a week ago 🙂 (June, 2023)

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00:00 Intro
00:44 Game 1
06:55 Game 2

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  1. As a poker player it's interesting she didn't want the 'free pawn' without knowing why because she 'saw what he did last game'. In other words, he can freely make mistakes through sheer fear of what he is up to, this happens a lot in poker haha.

  2. "They still call that young in Singapore" yes and everywhere else except in the 1800's

  3. No amount of makeup I will beat brains. He knew the whole time he was gonna slaughter. And not for likes lol

  4. I just know “the strongest player in Singapore” means so much more than I will ever understand.

  5. I don't know how chess works so I have to ask … did he score?

  6. Idk why but, is it just me or he really looks like BTMC

  7. they both already know who won even though the game is not over yet,,😮😮😮

  8. So does the girl have a rating? For comparison, don't know how good she is to chess players in general.

  9. Great film but Plse get rid of that annoying text on the bottom left which is in terrible English and full of irrelevant gibberish

  10. I am the 0.01% I would have demolished him I wish I was there 😊

  11. Someone smarter than me. Please explain why at 6:19, the end of the first game, she could move queen from h4 to h3 right?

    I assume it would delay the inevitable but is it already that far gone

  12. No one can even see thier moves…
    canera should be at board level

  13. If she played in her bikini, she would've won.

  14. she should have detracted him more with her female ability to distract. How dare she say they think 23 is young in Singapore. She didn't even knock her king over when she resigned wow.

  15. I wonder if there's an "after-story"…..

  16. no women has a chance, genius are way cleverer men's brains are bigger and better but we make humans so ho hum

  17. BeastrollMC is a chess grandmaster? That's crazy.

  18. Damn he is so much better than her. I think even if you ad years of training, she would never be able to beat him. Also she tryed so hart to get his attention away from the Match, with her conversation attempts… He just out smartet her in any Form.

  19. Talk soo much! He's like just play….its ok bud it was pretty irritating too

  20. Nice games, Nemo! Plot Twist: They had twins who both suck at chess! – j q t –

  21. I dont get it why is she giving up so easily? I dont see why she should give up the first game?

  22. She's a professional cheat as she yaps during the game to distract her opponents, which is prohibited in proper matches.

  23. That was super fun to watch hahahaha, and you did REALLY well actually (especially on the second game!)

  24. So, I wonder how good these players are when they don't have a timer to worry about?

  25. If he was Schroedinger's rating you would know exactly what rating he was a soon as you looked.

  26. Watching chess just makes me calm😌✨
    God bless y'all God loves y'all ❤
    Verse of the day
    Mark 8: 34 – 38

  27. White dress plays white black shirt and plays black lol

  28. resigning = quitting to save face. Thinking stops. France could have stopped hitler.

  29. If they procreate , maybe they could have a child with a rating of 4000..maybe

  30. He is Tin Jingyao, Singaporean chess grandmaster with FIDE rating of 2570.

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