Using Your King | Beginner to Master | Principles of Chess Endgames | GM Naroditsky

This video continues our journey into the heart of pawn endgames with a detailed overview of all things related to proper king use. We examine the 9 most important king use techniques, and then put them into practice by carefully analyzing a wealth of real-life examples.

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00:00 Intro
03:13 Opposition
8:15 Zugzwang
10:20 Shouldering
12:35 Waiting Moves
15:40 Triangulation
19:15 Charting A Course
22:00 Putting It Together
25:50 Distant Opposition Example
30:35 Pawn Assisted Opposition
35:02 Brute Force Calculation (Shouldering)
38:32 Example of Combining Principles
43:25 Example Waiting Moves
48:20 Title Tuesday Example Game
50:10 Triangulation Illustration
52:35 Charting a Course
56:20 Putting it Together Illustration

Robert James Fischer vs Lhamsuren Myagmarsuren

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– Daniel streams regularly on Twitch at
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  1. 1. e4, 2. Ke2! is the way to use your king!

  2. Awesome lesson as always, thanks for this videos!

  3. Daniel you must see this comment and answer my question, please do not ignore. It is of the utmost importance that you answer this following question as it holds the secret to the universe:
    What is a woman?

  4. I'm 1950 Lichess and just beat a 2400 in a king and pawn endgame using the themes in this video! Danya, you beautiful b*****d, thank you!

  5. Worth the wait. Cheers Dan, Brilliant!

  6. Amazing video. Thank you Danya.
    Will be watching this more than once.

  7. Thank you for finally adding to this series😊The amount of knowledge and insight you contribute to the chess community is priceless

  8. your conceptual video disappeared from the playlist

  9. This is such a great video/series! I have squandered so many similar situations.

  10. this is probably the most important chess video I've ever seen

  11. Where are the other videos he said we should watch first? Is there a playlist I'm not seeing?

  12. This endgame series could the very well best chess content on YouTube!

  13. Zwang means 'to be forced' / 'obligation' to Zugzwang mean Move-obligation

  14. Hyped for your endgame content! 🙂

  15. Great stuff as usual. Thank you Daniel.

  16. 1:01:15 This is not true, black can play Kc8! and keep white from getting direct opposition. In this case I'm not sure how white makes progress because Ka5 -> Kb7 and black defends the pawn, and if you want to keep opposition you must repeat with Kc4 and you don't make much progress it seems.

  17. Thank you so much danya, you can't imagine how much confidence I gained after watching this series going into endgames knowing that I'm gonna win it easily

  18. Hi Danya – thanks for the amazing lesson as always 🙂

    In the last example isn't 1.g4 a simpler win as it locks up the position and deprives black of waiting moves while taking up more space as well

  19. zwang in zugzwang actually means "force" like to be forced to move

  20. Excellent video. I want to mention that the best discussion of opposition I've ever read was by IM Jonathan Hawkins in his excellent book "Amateur to IM", in which he notes that too many players believe that achieving the opposition is an end to itself, but in reality, the ultimate goal is outflanking the opponent's king and opposition is just a means to either achieve or deny the outflanking maneuver.

  21. Its right that its writen "Zug Zwang" but in german z is pronounced "ts" so it should be read "tsug tswang".
    Thanks very much Daniel for this awsome series.

  22. amazing stuff, thank you Danya! and congrats on the 300K subs, been here since 30K or so

  23. "I was tempted to procrastinate, so I did" 😂

  24. I'm so thankful for your videos danya – I love learning from you and have had lots of success since beginning to watch you! This series in particular has been extremely helpful.

  25. “Turn your phone off”
    Me watching this on my phone😮

  26. Даня, ты лучший! Спасибо тебе 🫶

  27. I have nothing new to add to what's been said many times before by others here, but still feel like i have to leave a comment to express my gratitude. Rewachting these videos (2023 is my endgame year) , this endgame series is just pure gold. Thank you so much Danya for all your time and work you put in this, you're a legend!

  28. How does your pieces look so white? how do i get that?

  29. beautiful explanations of complex king endgames

  30. Hello danya im pretty sure the example from 43:14 to 48:00 is wrong the black king can't stand on b7 since the white pawn is blocking.

  31. Best chess teacher on youtube, hands down

  32. I think an easy way to understand when Triangulation works, is when your opponent can't make a triangle path but you can. In the example 16:10 , black king can't use triangulation because he can't go to the c7 square (Kc7 – Kc5 and white wins), and that it self can give white the possibility to create infinite Zugzwangs against black King x)

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