Very Creative Chess Puzzle

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  1. Thanks, I had this position like 20 times today and lost 😅

  2. Cant you just move your king which forces black to move their queen again and then you take the room and checkmate

  3. Or you can just move you’re king, instead of being dumb


  5. Why just didn't promote to a bishop and d2

  6. d3 after you take the pawns is also mate am i wrong?

  7. or you can also play a waiting move with your king and wait for the queen to move back right?

  8. Or you could move the king instead of the pawn one sq

  9. "very creative"

    More like insanely stupid lol

  10. I have a question why when the queen was protect the rock you was able to move the king and the onle move he have was moving the queen and it won't protect the rock so you will just win

  11. Why not move the king to waste a move instead ?

  12. 4 pawns in a line like that is impossible

  13. I hate it when I can’t kill a knight with my pawn😪

  14. Why not just take the knight on C5 with a pawn as black?

  15. Bro explain how you got there as the white player lol

  16. What if white just moves their king at the end there?

  17. thanks bro i was in this position yesterday

  18. it just happened to me yesterday

  19. Or u simply move the king and then mate with the Knight in the next move

  20. Uhm. What is the point to move the Queen like an idiot in the corner? Could anybody please explain that to me? I really dont get it

  21. Promote to queen and check mate by taking the rook near the king

  22. You don't have to take the knight in the first move right?

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