Vidit Gujrathi Meditates As The Clock Runs Down! #chess #shorts

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  1. It's very common in classical games. At the beginning of any game (especially in big tournaments), you definitely feel nervous, so to calm your nerves and bring on complete focus, you wait a little bit. Many time this may result in your opponent losing a bit of focus.

  2. Pragg be like : Aee jaldii kar vedeya😅

  3. Are he is not meditating or doing mind game. He's just visualizing his preparation he did for the game.

  4. He is praying for success, what else u can imagine an Indian

  5. Even I had difficulty understanding your accent, being an Indian

  6. That guy be like: Nah bro I grinded whole night for this match but now i gotta go and sleep.

  7. He is just praying. I too do before start of the exam

  8. Prag be like :- saala world champion ko haray hu tu kuch b karle nahi bachega

  9. Will he do the same in a 3 min blitz match?

  10. Counter gambit to magnus carlsen's late arrival variation

  11. Vidit is trained by hardik Pandya 💀if you know you know (context black magic)

  12. That guy is not meditating he is thinking what the move he wanted to do at first

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