What is a Wrong Colored Bishop? + Quiz – Beginner to Chess Master #17

This is video #17 from the “Beginner to Chess Master” playlist. Is it a winning position if you have a bishop and a pawn versus an opponent’s lone king? Usually yes, however there are cases when winning is in fact impossible! Are you familiar with these conditions? Understanding this basic endgame idea will help us to not only make the correct decisions in more complex positions, but also formulate plans which can lead us on a path to success. Get your pencil and paper ready for the end of this video. A pop quiz of 5 multiple choice questions, and 1 bonus question will be thrown your way to test your understanding of what is known as “the wrong colored bishop”. How will you score?

Beginner to Chess Master Playlist:

I’m a self-taught National Master in chess out of Pennsylvania, USA who was introduced to the game by my father in 1988 at the age of 8. The purpose of this channel is to share my knowledge of chess to help others improve their game. I enjoy continuing to improve my understanding of this great game, albeit slowly. Consider subscribing here on YouTube for frequent content, and/or connecting via any or all of the below social medias. Your support is greatly appreciated. Take care, bye. 😀



  1. You are a Chess Coach Superhero Jerry! You have made my thinking process cleaner and sharper with your series. #17 over, 9 more to go in this series. Thank you for your efforts!!

  2. Got all 6 correct. #5 definitely stumped me because I'm looking at ways to draw it. I thought no matter what, my bishop will immediately take on any dark squares the pawns land on but realized that h4 can be defended by bishop and then black will push g pawn to g3 w/ support of h4 pawn to take back. Then I thought what if my King jumps in to stop those ideas. It's very hard.

  3. I've played once a game me having the King and my opponent the wrong-coloured bishop
    He was a lot higher-rated than me, but I knew It was a draw.
    I had to show him and 5 more people that It was a draw.
    Try to force the endgame with wrong-coloured bishop from this position:
    [FEN] {8/4P3/8/1b2k3/p2p1p2/P5B1/2PK4/8}
    Capital letters= White
    Lowercase= black
    Numbers= non-occupied squares from left to right
    "/"= Next rank (starting from rank 8)

  4. Quiz 4, k to d8 check, if k to c7 as you showed. Knight can fork king and bishop.

  5. 5:14 can you even give checkmate with 3 bishops of the same color square?

  6. Is it possible to promote if instead of a bishop you have a knight?

  7. wow another great video Jerry Thanks!!!

  8. I only got two questions right. I'm definitely not ever going to be good at chess. That's okay. I don't want to be good at chess.

  9. I'm a little late to the party, but Jerry, your videos are phenomenal. I feel dirty watching them because I feel like I owe you a coaches fee. Thank you so much for taking the time to make these videos with such high quality. You are one of the best chess YouTubers out there.

  10. At 17:52 when the king moves to c7 the knight could have forked the king and bishop winning the bishop 😛

  11. You're great chess teacher, your lessons are very vauable

  12. We can put our dark square bishop to f4 so that black king cannot go towards white pawn in first example.(0:59)

  13. At 17:57 Kc7 seems like a blunder knight can fork on e6 and take the bishop and it's a draw

  14. I almost wonder if white can win in the bonus position. If he sacs the knight to get rid of the black bishop, he saves his h pawn and has the correct colored bishop. He still has to do something about the black knight and the f pawn (originally the e pawn before the knight sac).

  15. Thanks a lot for the series, there was a good approach for the quizes suggested by a guy on a pervious video, this approach is to try to guess the answer then to verify it on Lichess using the board editor, very nice way of practicing the understanding, Thanks again for the video

  16. in the bonus what about bishop(c1) to a(3). If knight captures on e3 white can look for a win?

  17. Wow, the lesson learned at 8:40 is one of the best lessons I've seen from Jerry.

  18. I'm confused on #6, why would Nxf6 not be considered in favor of white instead of just another way to draw? If e7xf6 or Nd3 attacking the bishop then BxH6 and you have a bishop and a pawn vs knight and pawn with your king being closer to both pawns, which would then lead to you chasing down the new f6 pawn and then h5 with your own pawn right behind you and soon to promote. I can't see any position the black knight can go from Nxf6 that would stop you from winning or even drawing.

  19. there is a way for white to win they just have to move knight d8 forking the pawn and king. Than king moves towards the pawn so you move to e6 forking the bishop and king. The king moves than you take bishop and than play it out from there

  20. On question 4 after Wkd8. BK c7. Why not Wke6 forking king and bishop. Is that still black to win?

  21. i got 5/6, number 5 i got wrong but number 6 i got the cleanest way 🙂
    Very good video, I am glad youtube recommended it to me!

  22. 1-4 ok , 5 th question I aswered draw, bonus I get it right.

  23. On quiz #3 at 17:40 say you check the king with the knight at d8 and the king moves up to protect the pawn at c7 can't the knight just move to e6 putting the king in check and forking the bishop?


  25. Most people here including me are not beginners like I'm a 1800 and I'm still improving my game play using these series.

  26. Jerry influenced my chess a lot and was the first person to do so online!

  27. 3/5 in the quiz. Thanks for another great tutorial.

  28. A way of understanding this intuitively is that no white piece can control the corner, so there is no way to flush the king out of the corner.

  29. 20:51 – If King doesn't take Knight, can we assure that white will be able to capture the center pawn somehow?

  30. I think this shows how dumb stalemate is, KBP vs K shouldn't be a draw if the lone king is out of moves, clearly they've lost

  31. Problem 2 is a win without the bishop.

  32. everytime he says"stalemate" he sounds dissapointed.😆

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