When Do You Reach An Endgame In Chess?

When Do You Reach An Endgame In Chess?


  1. It's not easy to know when we should switch to endgame mode…

  2. for me, end game starta when you see a good offence to opponent king

  3. Good philosophy, I always fuck up middle game, storing opening, weak middle game and then endgame good.

  4. Let's say down to 14 points of material and/or 3 pieces left, excluding the king and pawns, so 4 pieces = late middlegame.

    2 rooks and a minor=13 points, endgame

    1 rook and queen a piece 14 points 2 pieces

    2 rooks and a queen 19 points but 3 pieces = endgame

    Queen and 2 minors, 3 pieces = endgame

  5. For me it's when either side has lost 15 points worth of pieces.

  6. How to know if its endgame: atleast have 1 knight dead and 2 bishops dead and some other pawns. or 1 bishop dead and 2 knights dead with some pawns too, your queen can be dead alive or traded, one or two rooks cause yes

  7. Endgame is super tricky! One mistake will cost you a life

  8. i think endgame start where there is no opening that explain your chess position

  9. Ye I always am winning by middlegame usually but gets knocked out in endgame

  10. Ussually i say its endgame when there are less than 2 back rank piece and there are almost no good move

    Ye i think thats bad ngl :/

  11. The endgame starts when 1 rook is developed

  12. Personally, I think an endgame starts when you reach a point where it is relatively safe to activate your king

  13. I always think of the endgame likes this, has my primary objective shifted to pawn promotion? If your win condition is promotion you are probably in an end game.

  14. King activation might be a endgame thing, the more pieces get traded, more active and powerful the king can be

  15. I have 5 stages in a chess game

    1-book moves: moving pawns to the center, moving knights and challenge a pawn in the first 2 moves

    2-openings: the most openings are 4 or 6 moves


    4-endgame territory: alot of pieces are gone the side that has a better position and more material is going to win in the endgame here


    and the 4th stage explains how I know when an endgame starts

  16. I guess when both players stop using pre-game planned moves although if u pre move everything like hikaru there would be no endgame which is a flaw for this definition but it’s the best I can think of

  17. Not a single “we’re in the endgame now” reference in the video or comments so far.

  18. The endgame starts when you are no longer fine with trading pieces. If you are trying to end the game with 2 rooks, 2 knights, and a bishop then you're going to get cluttered up really fast.

    Or I like the other suggestion, when it makes sense to move your king off the back rank.

  19. I personally think an endgame is when the majority of minor pieces are gone and the rooks are activated.

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