When The King Is Clumsy

When The King Is Clumsy

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  1. If black moves to g7
    then you must promote to a queen

  2. But thats not forced mate?? Why cant the king just move to the left?

  3. What about queen f6?It would be a forcing move to king g8 and the promotion to queen is checkmate

  4. Qf6, Kg8, pawn promotion to queen is also M2. If works even if your king is far

  5. Promoting to a rook is really disrespectful lol 💀

  6. But there is way he cam avoid mate in 2 whoch is queen a7 king g7 premote to DA RUUUKH and king f6

  7. No you have to promote to a queen not rook because the king can escape.

  8. KG7 counters it and its mate in like 8 by his way

  9. We have to promote to a queen only if king goes to g7

  10. I thought queen f6 then promotion checkmate

  11. You can't underpromote. KG7, and under promoting gets away, so queen it is.

  12. You know the cat is dead when the guy start speaking Mandarin after 💀

  13. Being a 650 elo player I found another checkmate in 2:
    Move the queen to f6. The king has only one possible move g8. Then promote the pawn to a rook or queen and its mate!❤

  14. I literally see 4 different mate in 3 in just 3 seconds.If i lose on time i can "swear" to my opponent

  15. Bro there is another way also queen f6 then pawn promoted to rook or queen 😂😂

  16. Qg4 and the promote our pawn into queen or daruk

  17. Q h9 after takes k g7 k g9 and pawn d9 rock or queen

  18. I actually found another one
    And after you promite to a queen or a rook

  19. What abaut f6+pawn promotion wouldn't it be the same? Corect ke if im wrong

  20. Moving your queen to f6 will force the queen to g8 and then the pawn on d7 will just turn to queen its 2 moved and a check mate aswell

  21. Queen f6 also works. King can only move to g8 & then we still promote

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