WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. tried this on Nelson. It didn't work out as planned, but I still got my 1st win against him after devouring all his pieces and queening a pawn.

  2. Why can’t the bishop take the queen

  3. Thanks man.
    Now I'm gonna use this tactics against my Nephew.🧠

  4. bruh my elo is so low noone wouuld think of putting the bishop there ;-;

  5. It always seem like good things happen when I played the englund gambit, but wasn’t elite sure how it was supposed to go

  6. Player that knows a lot of chess:CHECKMATE IN 58 MOVES

  7. Isn't this just a more complicated version of fools mate?

  8. Why should white defend with the Queen? The knight allready defends the square…

  9. My dumbass would've taken the other queen with my queen

  10. What if Knight takes bishop instead of Queen? Not trying to hate just want to learn.

  11. If knight able to took bishop why i go for queen🤣

  12. Why did the knight not take rook instead of queen?

  13. me: sees white horse can take bishop

  14. When the queen is getting attacked by a bishop and u attack with bishop b4 the bishop end that attacked could easily kill the queen

  15. its not hard im 10 i swear evrey day im getting better my dad is 43 im 10 i played against him i won he has been playing for 10 years idk how he doesnt get to the campions league maybe hes too old

  16. The knight can take the bishop instead of the queen.

  17. Bro… You are good enough to know this is crap. Come on, this disappoints me. Unfollow.

  18. Finally someone who thinks that the opponent is smart

  19. Why would the bishop retreat and not move c6 pawn. Attack queen and block check

  20. Putting the white queen on d2 doesn’t make sense at all, the white can put his knight from f3 to d2, and they will end up losing one piece but the game is still on

  21. Well if i encounter this situation i would move my horse so it also defends the horse and rook

  22. That’s just memorizing moves without even knowing what are you doing

  23. but before you scroll…have you ever tried to play chess? (explain everything)

  24. Some people: “chess isn’t that complicated”

  25. wait why didnt the bishop take the queen

  26. its not a checkmate theking can move somewhere else

  27. What a idiot will move the Bishop and leave the Rooook unguarded

  28. Or they could just trade queens when you put them in check.

  29. Could you please explain why after 2 hours you're still asking me the same question?

  30. There’s actually a way to win it 2 moves and it works

  31. There’s a horse protecting the bishop as well.

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