WIN AT CHESS In 8 Moves!

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  1. And than you come to a game that does not start like this.

  2. why just the white bishop take the black one

  3. How can u never get bored of playing chess it’s boring as

  4. My oppenent doin England Gambit and i almost lose🗿

  5. If the Queen is in b4 but if he played f3 so what should we do

  6. Me before this video: “Chess is hard”
    Me after this video: “Chess is hard”

  7. What if white started in front of king

  8. Knight can take the Bishop instead of the queen

  9. If he takes the horse instead. Yeah well your fucked.

  10. What if they capture the bishop with the knight???

  11. But before that bishop will take the queen….

  12. What if they play knight c3 instead of taking our bishop with the queen

  13. Dude why will his queen will take our bishop when the horse can do that just a waste of time🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  14. On turn 4 you could go c4 with the black bishop and win

  15. Abi ahmak matı atardın kasma bu kadar.

  16. thank you so much! now i'll show my opponent so she makes the same move😁😁

  17. The perfect loop doesnt exist
    Also me tf is this?

  18. Bro I’ve gotten like 8 people with this

  19. But can u win in 10 moves by sacrificing THE ROOK

  20. man i loved this opening as a child but after qb4+ white can just play nc3. if qxb2, Bd2 and white is significantly ahead in development and black now has to worry about tactics on the queenside since his queen is in dangerous territory. if qxf4, nd5 and the the impending fork on c7 is unstoppable. although this is a nice trick at lower level chess, know that the englund is a pretty horrible opening otherwise as you don't really get any compensation for the pawn if white knows what they're doing.

  21. why is chess racist ? because white goes first

  22. that was his first video i saw

  23. I'd take with the Knight instead of taking with the queen 🙃

  24. But what if we play d3 pawn this man be like o f…

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