World Chess Champion 🏆 Viswanathan Anand Teaches Chess Endgames [chess24]


Anand Teaches How to Play the Endgame

Multiple World Chess Champion GM Viswanathan “Vishy” Anand is widely known as one of the best players of the last 3 decades. He was the first Indian GM, exerting big influence into one of the leading countries nowadays.

A great lecturer himself, nobody doubts about his great understanding on the game. In this video, part of his course “Learn to play chess with a World Champion”, he explores the most important concepts in the endgame, analyzing the basic pawn endgames everybody should know.

If you ever wondered what the opposition, the rule of the square or zugzwang is, the “Tiger of Madras” is here to help you!

Learn how to quickly calculate if a pawn queens without the help of other pieces with the important square rule. The next diagram will help you to understand this important rule: Anand Teaches Endgame

To create the “square”, you need to count how many squares are needed to the pawn to queen, and then count the same number of squares to the left (or left) to the pawn. That way you made a “square” like in the diagram.

The secret of the rule is very easy. If the black king can step in the square, then he can catch the pawn. If he can’t, then the pawn is unstoppable. So, if in this position is Black to play, he moves 1…Kd4(5), with a draw. But, if White moves first, then 1.h5 wins.

Then, Vishy some endgames where the kings are near the passed pawn, which are more difficult to master. But, with the GM advice and easy rules to remember, you will never more have doubts about the right move.

Is Anand the best chess player ever?


  1. Nice,,,idol 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  2. Thanks coach for this endgame vedio I have learned a lot. Thanks for the effort do this vedio keep safe and God bless coach!

  3. Arabic translation file with all videos and thank you

  4. First dislike don't worry I will never do it now

  5. 1:30 white goes first 2:16 black goes first so black will draw if white goes first he/she will win

  6. Hey anand sir how check mate with one bishop and one knight , king and opponent. Pieces is one king and night plz you make a this check mate video

  7. Good concepts to know about, but I did not understand how to calculate the number of squares for the first idea he talked about. Is it a specific number of squares (four) that lets you know that the opposing King is 'outside' the square? If not, how do you know whether the opposing King is inside or outside the square?

  8. Just a small point: 'h' is pronounced "aitch", not haytch".

  9. Wow!! Learning chess froma super GM and multiple times world champion. What else can you ask for?

  10. Delete this video. Vishy is a genius. No need to teach this basic. Someone else can handle.

  11. Where can i get middle game from vishy sir

  12. I'm 2287 peak these days so I think I can learn from this. Endgames don't happen a lot but the entire game is on the line whenever they do, like a last-minute FG in the NFL.

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