YOU RESIGN Too EARLY In Your Chess Games!

YOU RESIGN Too EARLY In Your Chess Games!

Today, I show you a chess grandmaster resigned way too early with white because he thought his position was totally lost! But it wasn’t! I’ll show you how white could have saved half a point if he knew this chess trick!

Chess endgames are full of resources and we sometimes give up and resign way too early in our games when tactical possibilities could be found allowing us to save the game and draw.

Enjoy the video!


  1. Am I the only one seeing the white winning? White king can be in time to capture the backward pawn and threaten to take both 7th rank pawns, if the h pawn promotes, rook takes it while also protecting the f1 square. In the next move the king takes the pawn and it's a rook endgame.

  2. I don’t know what you think I’ve done but if you wanna battle I’ve already win

  3. "Mama raised no quitter" a good mindset to have

  4. I love how he paused on ''Sacrificed the…'' And then calmly said ''Rook.''

  5. MFer if i blunder a bishop in move 4 then its aan insta resign

  6. Don't resign too early in your games, unless if you wanna go to the bathroom

  7. i resign all the time, because i know when i blunder the computer will not. I don't play against other people, then maybe i wouldn't resign.

  8. What stops the king from going the other way lmao

  9. when black went king a2 white goes k 2c and that stalemate

  10. If he moved king b2 it would have been checkmate

  11. Little did he know, he didn’t have to sac the rook. Instead of moving diagonally just stay on the same file and use the same check take

  12. Dont u mean if he pushes he just blunders a pawn..

  13. If you don’t resign and people will call you disrespectful

  14. Magnus: yo u wanna draw? *offers draw*
    Vidit: yea sure
    Magnus: terrible stomach
    Vidit: muthafukka what?

  15. You do know that black could just continue to move there king up and down and then offer a draw

  16. Just place the queen on b3 and it was a check mate

  17. white e4
    black e5
    hikaru: sees checkmate in 56278 moves

  18. Wait isn't there a way to win the pawns without losing your rook or am i stupid?

  19. today i thought i blundered my queen and resigned, but it was just a queen trade. it was so embarrassing. i still went 5/7 tho


  21. If a GM resigned here, what chance do I stand 😂

  22. Bros parents were sleeping thats why he didnt scream😂

  23. What if he Just steps Back and forth with king

  24. If you were wondering why after Kxf2, why Black doesn't play H3, like I did, it still ends in a draw, or even possibly, a win for White with Kg1.
    If the pawn takes the rook in this position, the King can take back and is still able to take the other pawn as its promoted, ending in a stalemate.
    If Black decides to push the h pawn, then it will eventually lead to a King and Rook endgame, with Kxg2.
    If Black decides to move his/her king, then White can play Rf3, attacking the pawn, which will also eventually lead to a King and Rook endgame.

    Unless of course, I just sound like a complete idiot

  25. Why can't you move the rook along the b file here?

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